SusanAumiller ABOUT ME
I am a social media manager with a passion for writing compelling content, creating beautiful designs and diving deep into analytics.

I’ve been obsessed with the written word as long as I can remember. When I was eight-years-old, for example, my personal goal to read each and every book in my local library.

I’ll try any social media platform once, though I do have my favorites — I’m looking at you, Instagram. My current freelance projects involve social media and communications consulting. I dig in and work hands-on with clients to craft social media messaging, write strategies and design unique print materials to support their businesses and brands.

When I’m not working or browsing the shelves at my local library — I’ll finish that whole catalog eventually — I can be found painting, obsessively vacuuming my house, or trying new coffee shops around my neighborhood. Meeting other creatives is always on my list, so whether it’s to talk shop, develop skills, offer an opportunity or simply discuss the most recent development on The Good Place, please feel free to reach out!