Dig in Your Heels logo

I created a logo for a special project at HAVEN called Dig in Your Heels. The project is a component of their capital campaign, open to 100 high-level female donors. These women would get the opportunity to have a shoe showcased in a special display (photo of design below).

The committee group found a stock image they liked and asked for something simple to be created. This is what they asked for:


Based on the knowledge of the donors for the project, I felt this image wasn’t right. It was too cartoony, too juvenile, and not high-end enough. I created a different image instead. This was the resulting logo:

Dig in Your Heels Logo

This logo was chosen for the project, blowing the original out of the water. This image is a sample of what the logo and the donor wall will look like:


The font used was Halo Handletter. Purple was used because it is the color symbolizing domestic violence. The crack symbolizes digging in your heel, a play off the tagline in the logo.


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