Custom wedding map

Just over a year ago, my then-coworker was on the verge of getting married and asked me to help her get a better looking map to match her beautiful wedding invitation. I gladly created a map for her, redrawing the area in Ludington, Mich. where her location was.

This is the final product:

Map for Carrie and Knoll copy

Much nicer than the screenshot she had gotten off Google Maps and had been planning to use previously, if I do say so myself. I was able to make the water and park areas match her wedding colors, which made her very happy.

This also leads me to the happy news that I’m (slowly) reopening my etsy shop, to hopefully earn some extra income. I’ve been commissioned to work on a few invitations, a website, save-the-date and an announcement within the past week, so I decided it was high time I reopened my shop. Please send me an email (susanmaumiller [at] gmail [dot] com) if you’re interested in a similar map for your wedding needs!


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