Hello there! I’m Susan, a communications professional from Ann Arbor, Mich. I’ve been working in the field of public relations for seven years, with a focus on nonprofit communications. My previous job experience includes HAVEN, Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, coupled with freelance experience in the metro Detroit area.

I love digital and print design. Transforming a blank canvas to a multi-page printed document is something dreams are made of. My knowledge of typefaces and fonts rivals the knowledge most college men have of their home football team.

My first experience with design work came when I was a freshman in college and I received a copy of Photoshop. I spent hours every day creating graphics and layouts for my and my roommate’s Livejournal accounts. Back then you had access to the HTML and CSS and could change the entire layout in mere hours. And that’s what I did. I created layout after layout, header after header. It was a great way to learn the program, learn what I liked, and how to use everything.

In addition to my love for design, I’ve been obsessed with the written word since I was a child. Reading was always an important part of my life, and has evolved into a love of writing. Even in its most technical form, writing conveys feeling, emotion, thoughts, and ideas. Mixing my love for design and my love for writing allows me to follow along a very passionate career path.

Fun facts:
I am a huge fan of the Oxford comma.
I am self-taught in special effects makeup.
I am learning American Sign Language (ASL).
I worked with Cheer Laundry Detergent through my personal blog for a project in 2011.


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